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Mobile App

Capture and Upload the personal health records using the phone's camera from within the app or choose from the phones gallery.


You can easily access your personal electronic health records online constantly without disruption anytime, any where.


You can store all your DIGITAL HEALTH RECORDS in Secured Cloud Database.


Dr. Anup Baro

Very useful to all of us, which will reduce the strain of preserving prescriptions and related test results for a longer period. It will be useful to both patients and doctors.

Mr. Krishna Bharath

I got all my parent health records digitized and up-loaded at INDUSAYUSH. They are always accessible to me and I can instantly share them with my Doctor!

Dr. C.P. Das

INDUSAYUSH is a new and exciting way of bringing patients and doctors together. As a specialist far away I am able to access my patient's records.

About Us

Orchasp Ltd., is a Mid-Sized IT Services company engaged in custom built software development, System Integration Services, Network, Surveillance, business platforms, analytics, social media, mobile applications, cloud based solutions and outsourced business processes etc. Orchasp has over the years built and sold products for general IT use and domain specific solutions for Health Care, Telecom, Engineering, Energy and Retail. Orchasp has products as SaaS, INDUSAYUSH - a cloud based storage of Personal electronic health records, Healsoft - Cloud based Hospital Information and management system. Orchasp Ltd., is a listed public company incorporated in the year 1994 in India having its registered and corporate office at Hyderabad.